Group Itineraries

Why group travel? All our tours include the service of a professional guide, who understands the local culture and knows all the favorite places of interest and sights to see in Iceland. Our guides are specialists, who will give you a good sense and a deep feeling for the country. Ask all your questions and if the guide can't answer, there's always a local person to help out in a pinch. Our guides speak several languages and all have passed Iceland's official exam for tour guides, in different respective languages. You might say that the tour guide is your safety officer, your teacher, your friend and your key to a better understanding of Iceland and its way of life.

You can choose from various itineraries, based on your budget, interest, travelling time and even your age. Our tours include accommodation, private coach, professional guide, meals and sightseeing, all designed in accordance to your wishes.

If you are looking for a wonderful vacation to Iceland, From Iceland is here for you.